eVent Jacket

Innovative, Water-resistant, Lightweight

We don't make any compromises when it comes to rain. We've used a unique water-resistant eVENT® membrane to construct our latest rain jacket. The fabric uses special patented Direct Venting™ technology with ideal properties to fight rainy weather. Water resistant, wind-resistant, lightweight, breathable – these are the main advantages that our eVent jacket from the PASSION Z collection has to offer.

How does it work?

The three-layer eVENT® membrane is highly resistant to rain and wind with a water column of 20 000 mm to 30 000 mm. The eVENT® membrane is also unique in that it uses its own patented Direct Venting™ dry system technology. This technology enables sweat to immediately evaporate through millions of microscopic holes of the membrane without overheating the body.

Indispensable Details

The membrane's reliability as well as the details play an important role and make the jacket a unique product to withstand the rain. This is why the jacket is made using taped seams, which prevent water from getting in through the armholes and the sides. A two-way waterproof sturdy zipper with inner lining is equally important and helps regulate body temperature while you ride. Tight-fitting shaped cuffs, a raised collar and a prolonged back provide additional protection from the rain.